What If ... GC Hadn't Sat On The Fence?

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This is a subject that I've pondered on for a long time and always wondered what would have happened. In late 2.1 as tensions mounted between FURY and Silver Horde, Galactic Corsairs were stuck in the middle allied to both. Eventually this broke out into a war, and unwilling to desert either ally, GC sat on the fence and declared neutrality, closing their planets to both alliances (although ironically both insisted the other was still docked to them). But what would have happened if GC hadn't abandoned their neutrality; both in the immediacy and afterwards?

It is worthwhile to first trace what did happen in the war as it stood. Without their principal ally, FURY formed relations with their former enemies Sigma Tau Sigma (STS). In their war against the twin powerhouses of SH and Aerodyne (ASX), they were always at a disadvantage but fought hard, although ultimately were unable to have a considerable impact. The awkward neutrality of GC strained relations with both alliances, and it seemed fairly clear that they would be allied with neither in the next round. Frustrations ended in a small attack by Phoenix & Holy which captured GC's main planet, causing my own passing of the leadership and leaving of the alliance, which partially fragmented as a result.

However, what would have happened if GC hadn't sat on the fence? I can say for certain that if GC had not sat on the fence, they would have been involved on the side of Fury and not that of SH. While SH had been strong allies for two rounds, tensions had risen - partially because of what I percieved as SH's disinclination to respect our allies, Fury, in the same way we respected theirs. Furthermore, I personally was not able to get on with either Greven or Exar, who both rose to take over the day-to-day running of the alliance, as well as I did with Gryffin in the previous round. SH was now the major powerhouse and their perceptions had changed.

From this point we can trace a lot of certain dominoes, and then speculate on things that are a lot less certain. The certain dominoes are that had GC decided to join in the war, they would have joined with Fury. This pair would have been a strong combination, as they had been earlier in the round. Not deserted by their allies, as they felt, Fury would not have felt the need to go and approach STS to ally them. The sides would have lined up as SH/ASx vs FURY/GC. This war would have provided the motivation that GC needed, and prevented the frustration that the impotent neutrality gave birth to.

Besides those, there are a lot more imponderables, and the time since the event makes it even harder to trace the potential effects. I don't believe that the alliance between GC and Fury would have been any more effective than the one between Fury and STS would have been in terms of the impact in the war; and we would still have been frustrated by Artur's multies had we made serious efforts against their planets, as FURY and STS were. GC had more levels than either Fury or STS did but I don't know how whether this increased bonus would have been sufficient against SH's numbers and levels.

The war would not have been changed, or if it had been, it would have been marginal. Other effects are less easy to see but possibly some can be predicted. Personally, I doubt GC would have shrunk as it did at the end of the round had we been involved in a war. Our attempts to find a war of our own were hindered by the horrible net of relations that existed between all the alliances. GC warships hunting aimlessly would have had a target and a focus. I don't know whether GC would have been able to return fully to activity, but it would have given it a better chance.

I think the effects on Silver Horde would have been no different, and likewise on ASx; the war did not impact them significantly. The effects for Fury and STS, however, I am unsure on. In later rounds, as STS became inactive and their respected leadership left, the majority of their senior members began to decamp to fly under the Fury banner; bringing with them a lot of their organisational skills honed in Earth. I am honestly unsure as to how much impact the short alliance between Fury and STS had upon this, but I feel that it was a contributory factor towards this later player movement.

A lot has passed in the three years since these events, and from a personal perspective, as a figure involved, it is hard to regret what happened having done so much that was enjoyable since then, and still thoroughly enjoyed my TDZK experience. However, it is interesting still to look back and ponder as to what might have happened had decisions been made otherwise. I don't think that the course of the war would have been changed; but I feel that indirectly, by abandoning their ally due to their insistence on neutrality, GC allowed Fury to form the ties that would help them become the hyperpower alliance they were to develop into.